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What are the Foundation’s history, objectives, and activities?

The Foundation was established to support dedicated youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents to develop their skills, give them confidence in their own potential as leaders who will create the future, and help them determine their future paths. Our programs include support to young individuals with exceptional talents, and support to organizations that help talented youth.

Is the Foundation related to SoftBank? Is SoftBank involved in its operation or financial aid?

The Foundation was established with Masayoshi Son’s personal assets, and is unrelated to SoftBank.

Can members be employed at SoftBank?

The Foundation does not carry out recruitment of any type.

Selection process

When are applications taken?

A regular call for entries is put out once per year. Please see the Application Instructions for details.

How are members selected?

Does the Foundation pay for travel or other expenses involved in the selection process?

No, it does not.

What is the future schedule, including member selection?

Please see the selection process on the Application Instructions page for details.

I live outside of Japan. Does the interview have to be conducted in person?

For applicants for whom in-person interviews are difficult, the Foundation plants to conduct interviews via Skype, presentation video submission, etc.

People living outside Japan may also apply.

Can I fill out the Entry Form in English?

You may fill out the all sections in English.

Eligible members and support content

Who are the eligible members?

The Foundation has an age limit of 25 years old at the time of application. It hopes to support people from the next generation with great skills and potential, as well as high aspirations and exceptional talents, of any nationality who will create the world of the future.

For more information, please see Application Qualifications.

What specific support is available?

Certified members may attend events held by the Foundation and use the shared facility Infinity at no charge. Members may also receive support grants for the research and activities they are fascinated by.

Please provide more information about the support grants.

The Foundation asks the individual what support he or she desires for his or her activities, including school tuition or research expenses. It then considers what scholarships to provide.

I receive a support grant or other financial aid from another organization. Can I apply?

Yes, the Foundation allows members to receive support from other organizations. However, you are responsible for coordinating with the other organization.


What organizations are eligible for support?

The Foundation hopes to provide support for research institutions and groups in fields that will contribute to the further development of civilization, as well as those in fields related to the development of people who will create the future.

How do I apply for support?

Fill in the form below with your organization name, activities, desired amount of support grant, etc. Send the form, and the Foundation will consider your request.


I would like to send a message to a Foundation executive.

We do not accept any messages directly unrelated to the Foundation, including opinions or requests to executives.

I want to work at the Foundation. Are you hiring new graduates, mid-career recruits, interns, etc.?

There are currently no open positions at the Foundation.

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