The Foundation certifies youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents as members. It gives various types of support to help them spread their wings as people who will create the future.

Members are given environments for exposure to new values and technologies, as well as chances to interact with those who share high aspirations. In addition, various opportunities are provided for the members to find mountains that they can devote their lives to climbing. When necessary, this includes support grants to help them fulfill their dreams.

“Infinity” Facility for the members

The Foundation provides this facility that all members can use inside SHIBUYA CAST. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).
This facility can be used for various activities like research and development, as well as interaction among members.

Visit this page for more information about the facility.


Networking events and lectures (not regularly scheduled) are held with specialists and experts in various fields, including Foundation directors.

Support Grants

The Foundation will consider the details and amount of the support grant on an individual basis, as support for those who wish to gain experience in the future in research or study abroad, or have something they wish to accomplish.
The Foundation will speak with individuals during the selection process to determine the support content and amount.
As a general rule, there is no obligation to repay the support grants.
Support grant recipients may pursue any path.

– Partial or full funding for research and development costs for new technologies
– Partial or full funding for preparation costs related to business launches or social activities
– Partial or full funding for study abroad or higher-level studies

Confirm your eligibility and then apply from this page.
Selection process
Document screening and interviews will be conducted.
Member certification
The facility usage/event participation Foundation members are those certified as eligible to receive support from the Foundation. The Foundation will determine the amount of support grants to be given by speaking with interested members.