Infinity, a facility exclusively for members, are located in the Shibuya Cast (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) as a place where they can make their dreams come true and develop their talents.

Infinity is a popular spot for holding events, study meetings, and communication among members.

Shibuya Infinity

Front desk

Work area

The space, equipment, and environment are designed for members to use in any way they like, including the work area that can be freely utilized, sofa area to facilitate communication, and free Wi-Fi.

Laboratory area

This area includes individual booths where members can concentrate and meeting spaces.

Gadget area

This area provides opportunities to encounter technologies. The items available at all times include a super computer, 3D printer, drone, VR/AR equipment, Pepper, tablets, and various types of computer machinery.


All items in the cafeteria are free of charge, including beverages (like mineral water, coffee, tea, and juice) and food delivery, as well as snacks and other foods.


Books and papers on a wide range of topics (biology, chemistry, technology, business, and more) are always available to read.