2017 Entered Shibuya Junior High School
March 2020: Japan Private High School Federation Chairman’s Award (won when I graduated from junior high school)
2020 Entered Shibuya Senior High School
August 2020 – February 2021 You’re the One Who Can Solve the Marine Plastic Problem!
This is a six-month program founded on uniting different fields to connect nationwide high school students, researchers, companies, and scholars online to come up with solutions to the marine plastic problem. As an Executive Committee member, I was involved in planning and operating the program.

February 2021 Spoke at Sustainable Brands 2020 Yokohama
“We’re the Ones Who Can Solve the Marine Plastic Problem!“
I presented the results of our six-month program to external parties. Among the 74 organizations, we were rated number four for number of participants, number two for archive views, and number four for level of satisfaction.

March 2021 Career Koshien
2020 Championship Tokyo Electric Power Company Representative’s Prize for Excellence
Based on the corporate theme of “Propose new services for community planning with a creative viewpoint to create cities that are resilient against disasters where people can live comfortably with peace of mind,” I submitted a food-related business plan to accelerate “rolling stock” as a means for “phase-free” disaster planning in daily life.

February 2021: EIKEN Grade 1
May 2021 Passed the United Nations Associations Test of English A level First-stage Test
September 2021 – May 2023 Lester B Pearson United World College of the Pacific

What does “contributing to society” mean to you?

I believe that social contribution means being grateful for this society where I can grow in a unique way, while also returning the favor by building a world where people and nature can live together happily.

I am studying abroad in a place with a rich natural environment, where I am spending every day learning about oceanography while cherishing once-in-a-lifetime encounters and connections with the people I meet. In the future, I want to start new projects and do research on living creatures to help conserve the global environment.

I want to constantly work with a flexible mind and a spirit that welcomes change.