Masayoshi Son Establishes ‘Masayoshi Son Foundation’

Foundation to provide environment for youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents
Will support people that create the future


SoftBank Group Representative Masayoshi Son established the Masayoshi Son Foundation (“the Foundation”) on December 5, 2016 to provide an environment that enables youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents to develop their skills, and to support those who will create the future. To assist a new generation of leaders in the coming age of Singularity and dramatic change, the Foundation will provide a variety of forums for youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents and offer tuition and living expense support for studying abroad, and other activities. In addition to nurturing AI and other new technology sectors, the Foundation will also support research and institutions that contribute to the future.


Masayoshi Son, President of the Foundation, commented :

“With the coming of Singularity, which will be the greatest revolution for humankind, leaders with high aspirations and exceptional talents capable of building a new world are called for. Through this Foundation, I will do all I can to provide forums where the youth who will create the future can get exposure to new values and technologies and interact with those who share high aspirations, as well as aid scholarships and research. I want highly determined youth to find mountains that they can devote their lives to climbing. I also want to contribute to the future of humankind by assisting a new generation of leaders who will take the reins of the new world.”


Shinya Yamanaka, Vice President of the Foundation, commented :

“It is critical to have an environment in which people can believe in themselves and continue to polish their talents. It is also important for people to experience many things firsthand with their own eyes, minds and bodies without fear of failure or setbacks. This of course applies to the science and technology fields, and is also applicable to those who work in various sectors. Guided by a big vision for all, I will wholeheartedly support youth so they can utilize their talents and make contributions to Japan, and the world.”


The Foundation began preparing for activities on December 5 and from January 2017 plans to accept applications from youths requesting support. The Foundation will begin full-fledged activites from spring 2017.


Furthermore, on February 10, President Masayoshi Son, Vice president Shinya Yamanaka, Director Makoto Gonokami and Councilor Yoshiharu Habu will participate in a special panel discussion event on the theme of ‘To the Youth Who Will Create the Future’. Those wishing to attend can do so through the Foundation website ( (in Japanese) starting today.


Overview of Masayoshi Son Foundation

Name Masayoshi Son Foundation

Providing support to bloom young talents

Established December 5, 2016
Directors President Masayoshi Son (SoftBank Group Representative)
Vice President Shinya Yamanaka (Director/Professor of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application [CiRA], Kyoto University, Japan)


Makoto Gonokami (President, The University of Tokyo)
Yasuhiro Sato (President and Group CEO, Member of the Board of Directors, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.)
Takeshi Kunibe (President and Chief Executive Officer, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
Fumihiro Aono (Corporate Officer, Head of Administration Unit, SoftBank Group Corp.)
Councilors Yoshiharu Habu (Professional shogi player)
Hiromitsu Kumada, M.D. (Director General, Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya)
Koji Nagai (Group CEO, Nomura Holdings, Inc.)
Boris F.J. Collardi (Chief Executive Officer, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.)
Yoshifumi Kobayashi (Attorney at Law, KOBAYASHI YOSHIFUMI LAW OFFICE)
Taizo Son (President & CEO, Mistletoe, Inc.)
Auditors Junichiro Yamada (Honorary Chairman, Founder, Yamada & Partners Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Co.)
Naoto Nakamura (Attorney at Law, NAKAMURA, TSUNODA & MATSUMOTO)
Main activities (1)   Scholarships for those who create the future
(2)   Management of facilities to help foster those who create the future
(3)   Support for environments that help foster those who create the future
(4)   Holding meetings and events that enable those supported by the Foundation to meet and exchange with employed persons
(5)   Support for researchers and research institutions that will contribute to the further development of civilization
(6)   Other activities that enable organizations to meet their goals


■Overview of Special Panel Discussion Event: ‘To the Youth Who Will Create the Future ’

1. Date,Time: February 10 (Fri), 2016, starting 6:00pm

2. Venue : Royal Park Hotel ( 2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

3. Speakers : Masayoshi Son, Shinya Yamanaka, Makoto Gonokami, Yoshiharu Habu

4. Program :

(1) ‘Thoughts on the Establishment of the Foundation’ : Masayoshi Son

(2) Panel Discussion on ‘To the Youth Who Will Create the Future’ :
Masayoshi Son, Shinya Yamanaka, Makoto Gonokami, Yoshiharu Habu