The Masason Foundation Begins Recruiting Members to Support in FY2017

*Recruitment in FY2017 is now finished.

Providing opportunities and facilities for youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents, where they can interact among members and offering support grants to those applicants among the members supported by the foundation who pass the screening process.


The Masason Foundation (“the Foundation,” President: Masayoshi Son) is recruiting members to support in FY2017, from January 18 to February 28, 2017, with the aim of assisting a new generation of leaders in the coming age of Singularity and great change. The Foundation is looking for applicants up to 25 years old at the time of applying, who meet the qualifications. Those members who pass the screening process will be certified as members of the Foundation for a maximum of five years*. The Foundation will certify around 100 people as members of the Foundation during this recruitment drive, and will periodically recruit members hereinafter.


The Foundation operates facilities for those members that serve as locations for research and development activities and places for members to interact with each other, as well as hosting lectures by specialists and experts in various fields, including the directors of the Foundation, and holding networking events. In addition, those among the Foundation’s members who apply for and pass the screening process will be given a support grant for a maximum of four years. The details and amount of the support grant will be considered on an individual basis, as support for those who wish to gain experience in the future in research or study abroad, or have something they wish to accomplish.


The Foundation provides support to help the growth of the people who will support the future – expanding the potential of youth from all over the world with high aspirations in various fields through exposure to new values and the latest technologies, and interaction with members.


*Valid for the period of one year from the day of member confirmation. Any desire to extend this may be confirmed once each year.


■Recruitment for Members to Support in FY2017

    1. Application Period
      Wednesday January 18 to Tuesday February 28, 2017


    1. Number of Available Positions
      Approximately 100 members of the Foundation (guide)


  1. Details of Support

(1) Shared Facilities

The Foundation will provide facilities (within Tokyo) that can be used by all members of the Foundation. These will be available for use as locations for different activities, including research and development, and as places where members can interact with each other.


(2) Events

Networking events and lectures (not regularly scheduled) are held with specialists and experts in various fields, including Foundation directors.


(3) Support Grant

The Foundation will consider the details and amount of the support grant on an individual basis, as support for those who wish to gain experience in the future in research or study abroad, or have something they wish to accomplish. Support grant recipients may pursue any path.

Amount of Support Grant

The details and amount of support grant will be decided by individual discussions during the selection process. As a general rule, there is no obligation for repayment.


Support for study abroad: School fees and living expenses incurred by studying overseas

Research support: Expenses incurred by carrying out research and necessary living expenses

Other: Deserving expenses the Foundation judges to be eligible for support


Payment Period

The support grant will be paid for up to a maximum of four years, until the person receiving the grant graduates or finishes at the school they were enrolled in when they were accepted for the grant, or until their research or a project is completed to the stage for which they desired the grant. However, should any reason for cessation or abolishment apply to the support grant, it is possible that the issuance of support grants will cease or be abolished even if this is within the period of payment. In the case of support for study abroad, should the person enroll in school in the fiscal year in which they were accepted for the grant, costs such as school fees and living expenses will be paid retrospectively on the first date of issuance.


4. Application Qualifications

Applicants up to 25 years of age at the time of applying who fulfill any of (1) to (5) below:

(1) Applicants who have obtained excellent results in international or national-level competitions, regardless of the field.

(2) Applicants who have internationally accepted qualifications or belong to an internationally-recognized organization

(3) Applicants who are achieving an excellent record or results in their studies

(4) Applicants who are producing results through businesses they themselves are operating

(5) Applicants who demonstrate superior thinking in the selection of the dissertations given by the executive office of the Foundation

* Applicants will be contacted individually about the theme of the dissertation. They are generally able to choose from multiple themes relating to the technology field.


5. Selection of Members to Support

Based on the statements made in the application documents, applicants will be decided by selection via a selection committee.


6. Application Process

Please enter the necessary application information through the Foundation’s webpage (


7. Inquiries

Masason Foundation Inquiries Form


For more detailed information, please see the application guidelines on the Foundation’s website.

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