Masason Foundation Selects 26 Members Aged Between 8 and 19 to Support


The Masason Foundation (“the Foundation,” President: Masayoshi Son) has chosen 26 people aged between 8 and 19*1 as members of the Foundation (Generation 7). They will be given support as associate members*2 starting July 1, 2023.

Members chosen include a 9 year old elementary school student who passed the Grade 12 level practical mathematics test of the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan (Suken Test) at 8 years old, within a year of studying mathematics, a 13 year old physics Ph.D. student, and a 17 year old scientist and inventor who was chosen as the first-ever TIME Magazine “Kid of the Year,” making the cover in 2020. In addition, all newly certified members were, for the first time, teenagers or younger. Associate members certified last year as Generation 6 who passed the screening process will be certified as authorized members on the same day.

■About Members (Planned to be as of July 1, 2023)
1. The number of members (from Generation 1 to Generation 7): 177
2. Age Distribution
Youngest: 8 years old / Oldest: 29 years old
Under 10 years old: 4 (2%) / 10 – 19 years old: 104 (59%) / 20 – 29 years old: 69 (39%)

*1 As of July 1, 2023
*2 The Foundation will certify talented persons as associate members for the initial year, and a decision will be made as to whether they will be confirmed as authorized members based on their activities and achievements during that year. Associate members will also receive support from the Foundation such as financial support, the free use of facilities for members, and be able to participate in events organized by the Foundation. The period of validity will be determined on a case-by-case basis after taking into account the completion date of the individual’s educational process. However, if an authorized member reaches 29 years of age, the period of validity will end on the last day of the first fiscal year after that point. In addition, if an authorized Foundation member is 23 years old or younger at the end of the validity period and wishes to extend, the validity period may be extended after re-screening.

The Foundation asked five of the members for their thoughts. Their self-introductions will also be posted sequentially on the Foundation’s website (

・Airu Toyokawa, 8 years old
Airu, who studies university level mathematics, and high school level physics and chemistry comments, “I aim to pass the university level (highest level) practical mathematics test of the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan (Suken Test). I would like to interact with other Foundation members, figure out unsolved problems in mathematics, and conduct research in mathematics, physics, and chemistry to help people in their daily lives. ”

・David Balogun, 10 years old
David, who graduated from high school at the age of 9, is currently working on obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern New Hampshire University and is knowledgeable in astrophysics comments, “I would like to finish my theory to disprove the Big Bang theory. I’m looking forward to attending as many Masason Foundation events and to collaborate with like-minded members in various fields to expand my knowledge in other areas and continue my research on my theory. ”

・Laurent Simons, 13 years old
Laurent, who graduated from high school at the age of 8, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Antwerp comments, “I feel very blessed and privileged to become a member of the Masason Foundation. When I acquire sufficient knowledge and expertise in different fields, I aim to expedite uncharted territory through groundbreaking research as a multidisciplinary researcher in a corporate environment. Knowing that I am not alone on my journey and that my new Masason family will stand by me to serve the higher cause, each in his or her field of expertise, is very comforting. I am confident that together with the other members, reinforcing each other, we can have added value to society as a whole by contributing to a better world.”

・Tomo Nagao, 15 years old
Tomo, who was selected as the first junior high school student to attend Chiba University Global Science Campus last year and is aiming to establish a treatment to alleviate symptoms of allergies and other immune disorders by utilizing naturally occurring polyphenols comments, “I am truly honored to be a member of this Foundation. Since I am very interested in human potential, I want to study not only STEM subjects, such as biology and math, but also the humanities, such as law and history, to gain broader perspectives. By engaging with the Foundation members with diverse talents and backgrounds inspiring each other, I want to cultivate deep knowledge and ultimately become a person who can make a difference in the future of humanity.”

・Pranjali Awasthi, 16 years old
Pranjali, who established a startup that provides an interactive AI specialized in R&D comments, “I’m looking forward to using the Foundation’s resources to scale products at my current startup and beyond building high-value companies targeting multibillion dollar markets. I’d love to take a combined approach of research and entrepreneurial aspirations to democratize access to the power of high-end Natural Language Processing available to everyone, and make generative AI applicable to day-to-day use cases with SaaS. “

 <About the Masason Foundation>
The Foundation was established in December 2016 by SoftBank Group Representative Masayoshi Son to provide an environment that enables youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents to develop their skills, and to contribute to the future of humankind, in the age of Singularity. The Foundation provides support to youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents for expanding their potential and for their growth to be people who will create the future through exposure to new values and the latest technologies, and interaction with members.
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