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Message from Masayoshi Son, President of Masason Foundation

With the imminent coming of Singularity, leaders with high aspirations and exceptional talents capable of building a new world are called for. Rather than continuing to do the same thing, I want youth to once again face themselves and find mountains that they can devote their lives to climbing. Through this Foundation, I will do all I can to provide forums where the youth who will create the future can get exposure to new values, technologies, and inspiration—and interact with older people and those of the same generation who also share high aspirations—as well as aid scholarships and research. I look forward to meeting these people who will create the future and have great aspirations.

Message from Shinya Yamanaka, Vice President of Masason Foundation

It is critical to have an environment in which people can believe in themselves and continue to polish their talents. It is also important for people to experience many things firsthand with their own eyes, minds, and bodies without fear of failure or setbacks. This of course applies to the science and technology fields, and is also applicable to those who work in various sectors. Guided by a big vision for all, I will wholeheartedly support youth so they can utilize their talents and make contributions to Japan and the world.




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